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Gorillapod tripod doubles as iPad stand


I wasn’t using this since I don’t use a camera with a tripod mount anymore. Works great as a phone and iPad stand though. Also, I see Gorillapod now has a phone tripod version.


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Wood foam blocks dollhouse.


I should preface this by saying that I believe children should be playing with blocks and other construction toys as much as possible. I just got a little tired of these particular blocks getting dumped onto the floor and never picked up. I was about to get them out of the house one way or another when “aha!” I knew just what to do with them. My daughter helped me build the walls with Elmer’s glue then I connected them together with a hot glue gun to make this (easy to put away) dollhouse. I saw these same blocks at my local craft store so maybe other folks are picking them up as a crafting medium, any other ideas?


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How I make my grocery lists.


I start by drawing a line down the middle of a sheet of paper. Then I crack open the cookbooks and start planning some meals for the week. As I add meals on the right I put the ingredients that I need on the list on the left. I break my list down into four categories: inside aisles, produce, outside aisles, and frozen. Then when I go to the store I skip through produce and head to the inner part of the store where the dry non-refrigerated stuff is i.e. the stuff that isn’t gonna spoil or get squished. Grocery stores put produce in the front not for convenience but because it’s “pretty” but I’m tired of squishing my tomatoes and grapes! So I hit produce second. Third, I grab the stuff that is kept around the perimeter of the store like meat and dairy, this stuff can spoil so I’m minimizing the amount of time it spends outside of the fridge. Lastly, I grab a few things from the frozen food aisle and head out. It’s nice having the list of meals with me too in case I forget just how many zucchini I was supposed to grab, etc. What do you think? How do you do it?