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Wood foam blocks dollhouse.


I should preface this by saying that I believe children should be playing with blocks and other construction toys as much as possible. I just got a little tired of these particular blocks getting dumped onto the floor and never picked up. I was about to get them out of the house one way or another when “aha!” I knew just what to do with them. My daughter helped me build the walls with Elmer’s glue then I connected them together with a hot glue gun to make this (easy to put away) dollhouse. I saw these same blocks at my local craft store so maybe other folks are picking them up as a crafting medium, any other ideas?




Jewelry organizer from recycled frame and twigs.



Here is where I got the idea from. I used some old spray paint and paint samples to paint the frame and twigs which I screwed the smallest cup hooks I could find in to. If you find an old frame at a thrift store you could have a 100% recycled project.