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Could the PCF message boards be deserted?

Since I first started this blog it seems that only 5 posts have been made by only three people. What’s really odd is the absence of any posts by the alleged administrator (Deane), and of course the absence of Craigo. The other day when I was on the boards I think I actually saw a tumble-weed blow across the screen. What seems odd to me is that if anything people should have more time for the boards, but let us remember that the boards were created as an effort to prevent people from doing homework. Is it possible that without homework the boards will collapse?


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I hate the word blog

I started this blog to announce to the world that I hate the word “blog”. However, I think I’ve jumped on this blog band wagon a little late to do anything to change this horrible word. Instead I’ll just make meaningless posts about it and other things that bother me, doing absolutely nothing about them.