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The beginning.

“How do you know they’re out there?”

“Given the size and shape, the star density, there is a 99.7% probability of a life satellite.”

“What if there is another?”

“The probability of 2 or more is only 0.000021%, the parameters are near perfect.”

“How will we locate them within the manifold?”

“I will go.”



SyncToy 2.0 Vista Issues

I use SyncToy to keep my files backed up on a flash drive and external hard drive. Flash drives are the new trend among teachers at work and I was surprised (well not that surprised) to find that my colleagues have been saving files to these drives without backing them up. They are small, so naturally they get lost. SyncToy is an easy solution.

So I was dissapointed to find that I couldn’t install it on my new Vista machine. If anyone else is having similar issues the cnet download works!

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From the Xanga archives: February 26, 2006

Sullen and beautiful.
Paradox and miracle.

The moments of life are cities along the vast highway.
Inbetween is waiting, we don’t remember it.
Only the sparkling lights.
The giving up the journey after the tire goes flat.
Then, the finding yourself on the road again.
Crying for the new joy and remembering the sadness.
They are together and grayness wipes them all.
And the gray is somehow beatiful, watching the clouds on a rainy day.


Everything I know about marriage I learned from guest pastors and Steven Covey.

Sorry guys I don’t remember all your names:

1.) Guest at College Avenue Baptist Church (CABC) High School group: “3 short phrases: I’m sorry, I was wrong, I love you.”

2.) Mark Strauss interim pastor at CABC: “Marriage is a competition to out-serve your spouse.”

3.) James Hill of Agape Church, Guest at Poly Christian Fellowship large group meeting: “Happy wife, happy life.”

4.) Steven Covey, author The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: “Love is not an emotion, love is a choice. The emotion follows the action.”


Lost – 20 questions (spoiler alert)

Will they answer them all in the last season?

  1. The numbers
  2. The “monster”
  3. Who’s Jacob
  4. Who are the others
  5. Why does the one “other” not age
  6. What is the Dharma initiative
  7. Polar Bears
  8. Why is Walt special
  9. Jack’s father’s connection to the others
  10. Why did Claire leave
  11. Libby in the asylum and on the island
  12. Charlie’s ghost
  13. Island healing miracles
  14. Island pregnancy problems
  15. Time discontinuities
  16. Geographic discontinuities (Nigerian Plane)
  17. Why does John have to stay
  18. Why do the 6 have to go back
  19. Kate’s horse
  20. Where’s the island now

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Bathroom tiles and time travel.

tilesFrom the Xanga Archives (April 5, 2006)

While sitting on the toilet in a public stall at Cal Poly I found myself looking at the bathroom tiles and comparing them to the tiles in my dorm room bathroom some 500ft away. The tiles here were in a “random specklement of greys” sort of pattern while the tiles in the dorm bathroom were in a more aligned and ordered system of stripes. Here I pondered in an alternate wacky universe, “if I could just mentally rearrange these tiles to look like my dorm room bathroom floor, then I will be instantly transported back to the dorm room.” You see by tricking the mind I some how trick time and space as extensions only of my mind in this imagined world.

This thought stays with me and I find myself in the bathroom of some strange high school in a strange place I could have never conceived myself living, working. The “random specklement” this time rainbow colored is changed to grey than, once again, filed into neat rows of dark, middle, and light. Then I step out. Back into the dorms. Back across the berber torn carpet. Back into my little huddled corner of bed and desk.

But this time I know the ending and some of the painful moments have a tinge of humor.

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…but what I’m most thankful for is…

Funny Cat Videos!

Here are my top 4:

#1. Cat Jump Fail. It’s hilarious because he wasn’t even jumping that far. My cats could totally “pwn” this cat any day any time.

#2. Ninja Cat. This cat is freaky, I’m almost afraid of what is going to happen at the end.

#3. Slinky Cat. I’m not sure what this cat is on, but he seems to be enjoying it.

#4. Cat chasing leash. He seems more interested in the chase then actually catching the leash. Wait, wait, wait, a leash on a cat?