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Gorillapod tripod doubles as iPad stand


I wasn’t using this since I don’t use a camera with a tripod mount anymore. Works great as a phone and iPad stand though. Also, I see Gorillapod now has a phone tripod version.


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The beginning.

“How do you know they’re out there?”

“Given the size and shape, the star density, there is a 99.7% probability of a life satellite.”

“What if there is another?”

“The probability of 2 or more is only 0.000021%, the parameters are near perfect.”

“How will we locate them within the manifold?”

“I will go.”


Lost – 20 questions (spoiler alert)

Will they answer them all in the last season?

  1. The numbers
  2. The “monster”
  3. Who’s Jacob
  4. Who are the others
  5. Why does the one “other” not age
  6. What is the Dharma initiative
  7. Polar Bears
  8. Why is Walt special
  9. Jack’s father’s connection to the others
  10. Why did Claire leave
  11. Libby in the asylum and on the island
  12. Charlie’s ghost
  13. Island healing miracles
  14. Island pregnancy problems
  15. Time discontinuities
  16. Geographic discontinuities (Nigerian Plane)
  17. Why does John have to stay
  18. Why do the 6 have to go back
  19. Kate’s horse
  20. Where’s the island now