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Could McDonalds be too fast?

I used to have a normal routine of going to McDonalds, buying two double cheeseburgers and a supersize coke. They managed to have the burgers ready when the coke was about half way full. While they are calling “213! 213!” I would want to say “I’m here! I’m here!” but don’t want to yell across the restaurant (that’s their job). So they keep yelling, and I keep filling the coke. If only they would slow down about 10 seconds, they would be perfect. Today they managed to get me the cheeseburger before the cashier put my dollar in the register!


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Cleveland Roads

So it would appear that people have read my blog. How exciting! I will celebrate by complaining about the roads here in the Cleveland area. First of all, there are no freeways in Cleveland Heights. If San Luis Obispo can have a freeway can’t such a densely populated place? Secondly, what is the deal with people parking in the right-hand lane, apparently it is perfectly legal in parts but also perfectly annoying. Finally, when the turn lane was invented, Cleveland was not informed. So between cars parked on the right, and people turning on the left, it’s impossible. Another interesting fact worth mentioning (which I have no complaints about), apparently it is perfectly legal to run over pedestrians here. Infact, if you do not run them over you will be honked at and that is just no good, so you must run them over.