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Not the end of winter.

The last 2 days since that last post it has been snowy and cold. When I woke up in the morning after the post and checked out side to see the white landscape I chuckled. It has been very sunny though, spring and winter are battling it out. Today it was really really cold. While walking from my car to school about 15 meters my face started to feel all cold and chapped so I yanked out my scarf and quickly covered as much of my head as possible, then my eyes (can’t cover those) started to feel like they were burning. It’s never been cold enough for that. says that it is 23 degrees F right now.


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The end of winter?

Come to think of it, living in California, I never took much note of when winter ended. Today it felt like spring (it was a good 50 degF and sunny), and most of the snow is gone. Could this be the end of winter? Or will we get another couple inches of snow? I guess I am aware that March is spring so the winter must end some time this month.

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Chapped Skin

Well, I do have to admit that one thing annoys me about the winter–chapped skin! Cold air is dryer than warm air and causes the face, arms, legs, whole body to become chapped. Heating the air only seems to make it worse, because the moisture capacity of the air increases so the heated air will pull moisture out of the skin. My eyes always hurt when I go to work where they keep it way too hot.

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Winter Conveniences

Well honestly, it hasn’t been that bad. At times it can be quite cold outside, but you wear a coat you put on a scarf and hat and it isn’t that bad. A couple of things have helped make this winter easy, I pay homage to them here.

(1) A covered parking spot. I’ve done a little bit of snow and ice scraping, but really not that much, without that covered spot I think I’d be singing a different toon about this winter. (2) A driveway that gets plowed regurlarly. I don’t have to worry about keeping any driveways or sidewalks clear, I hear that this can be quite a bear. (3) Heat included in rent. We made sure to find a place that had this after hearing horror stories about outrageous winter heating bills. It’s been nice not to have to worry about it.

Perhaps I’ll have winters without these things, then maybe I’ll get more disgruntled about the winter like some Clevelanders I know. But for now, the winter really isn’t that bad.

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A Break from the Snow

Went to San Diego this weekend for my sister’s wedding-Congratulations Karen! When I told my coworkers that I was going to San Diego I might as well have said I was going to Jamaica or Honolulu, but San Diego is home. Everything has been covered in a layer of white for so long that it did indeed seem odd to not see any snow. We arrived at 10:00 pm and were able to go outside without a coat and beanie cap. Most notably strange was how brilliant green everything seemed, my parents admitted that it was more green than normal because of all the rain they had been getting, but I have a feeling it seemed even more green to me because I’ve been looking at white snow and dead brown trees for so long. I never quite appreciated what an anomaly I grew up in-it was at least 80 degrees F on Friday!