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Salt Scum

My car is covered in salt scum. I haven’t washed it all winter, makes me nervous when I see rusty cars driving around. Most cars on the road are covered in scum like mine, a few people keep their’s washed but mostly not.


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Snow Day

Had my first snow day today! I usually tutor a few 7th graders as part of an afterschool program, but school was cancelled today due to snow. Seems rather unnecessary to me, it really wasn’t that bad today, I heard lack of plowed sidewalks might have been a reason.

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Hardcore Clevelanders

Last Friday I decided to take the rapid to school. Unfortunately it drops off about a mile away on the other side of downtown. I noticed while walking, and freezing my pants off, that most of the others walking on the street lacked a scarf or a hat. I had my scarf wrapped around as much as my head as possible with out obscurring my eyes. I started to get the feeling that I looked very out of place. I don’t think the sunglasses helped either.

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Deep Snow

Had to shovel the stair landing today. The snow was as high as the first step. Katie was the first to brave down the stairs and sunk in to her ankles. Yesterday we went for a walk, found it difficult at parts Katie described it best as like walking through sand.

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Wiper Fluid

It’s been snowing a lot lately. I’m starting to realize how really important windshield wiper fluid is. And not any of that whimpy California fluid, I discovered the problem with that stuff when I sprayed my windows early one morning and ended up having to pull over and scrape off the new layer of ice. Snow, unlike rain, brings a thin layer of ice that won’t come off with a mere windshield wiper. This makes the fluid essential when driving.

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It’s snowing hard today. As Katie and I walked to her car to drive to Church we noticed some rabbit footprints in the snow. Once at Church (we’re new and were a little late) we realized we didn’t know where to go since the front entrance didn’t seem to be the place. Then Katie realized we could just follow the footprints from the parking lot – and it worked we found the appropriate entrance and were on our way. Once we got home it had been snowing hard enough to completely cover our footprints from the morning walk to the car.

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I had no idea how frequently and easily icicles form. I thought they were a bit of a rare occurence. However, they are everywhere especially on cars of all places, I thought an automobile would be the last place to find an icicle. Houses, I think, are even specially designed so that they don’t form above the doors. I guess they can be dangerous when they fall, see A Christmas Story.

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Snow Flurry

Was snowing really lightly today, like “5 flakes per minute” according to Katie. They call that a flurry, not to be confused with a McFlurry. What’s interesting, and I’ve noticed this before, was that as I was driving the snow wasn’t hitting my windshield. If you watch an individual flake its path actually curves up when it gets close to the car. It seems as though the flakes are light enough that they can’t penetrate the air-field created by the car.

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Snow Quality

Snow quality denoted by X, refers to the percent of the snow pack which is in the solid state (i.e. not water). When it rains like it did today X decreases as the water penetrates the snow pack. This rain also causes the snow to melt. Infact, snow melt is a function of the amount of rain, the temperature of the rain water, and the quality of the snow.