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Napkin Overstuffing

The other day I was at the fine establishment of Chipotle. If you haven’t been there, go now, it’s good. Anyhow, I make my way over to the napkin dispenser to grab a few, when it happens again. The napkin dispenser has been overstuffed! Napkin overstuffing usually results in one of two things going wrong: (1) you go to remove a napkin and instead you get half a napkin, the other half still stuck inside the dispenser, (2) you remove your napkin and 10-20 other napkins spring out with it. Napkin overstuffing is a problem that plagues our society, we must work together to end this horrible practice. So now you’re thinking, “what can I do?” Well, I’ll tell you what you can do. If you’re a consumer don’t stand for it, demand that your napkin dispensers be properly stuffed – remember “we vote with our dollars.” If you are a food service, or gas station worker (this problem plagues this nations paper towel dispensers as well) then stop your overstuffing madness.