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Bathroom tiles and time travel.

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tilesFrom the Xanga Archives (April 5, 2006)

While sitting on the toilet in a public stall at Cal Poly I found myself looking at the bathroom tiles and comparing them to the tiles in my dorm room bathroom some 500ft away. The tiles here were in a “random specklement of greys” sort of pattern while the tiles in the dorm bathroom were in a more aligned and ordered system of stripes. Here I pondered in an alternate wacky universe, “if I could just mentally rearrange these tiles to look like my dorm room bathroom floor, then I will be instantly transported back to the dorm room.” You see by tricking the mind I some how trick time and space as extensions only of my mind in this imagined world.

This thought stays with me and I find myself in the bathroom of some strange high school in a strange place I could have never conceived myself living, working. The “random specklement” this time rainbow colored is changed to grey than, once again, filed into neat rows of dark, middle, and light. Then I step out. Back into the dorms. Back across the berber torn carpet. Back into my little huddled corner of bed and desk.

But this time I know the ending and some of the painful moments have a tinge of humor.


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