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Several Groups Attempt to Stop Ohio Voter

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1. My alarm clock which failed to ring when it should so that I could go to the polls before work. Instead, it rang at the time I set it for.

2. My work which detained me for up to eight hours today claiming that I was “full time.”

3. 100s of people using their cars to create traffic on the highway, a political strategy as obsurd as the filabuster.

4. The train which created a tempory two-minute barricade preventing me from entering my home city.

5. My dog who refused to understand that, “no, you cannot go on a walk with me, I’m walking to the polls and dogs can’t vote.”

6. Libertarians. The Bob Barr sign right before the polling place which had me questioning all my political views


One thought on “Several Groups Attempt to Stop Ohio Voter

  1. Well according to the emails and text messages I saw, if you’re voting for Obama you were allowed to vote on Wednesday. Just think of all the delays you could have avoided!

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