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Since leaving college I’ve noticed a new trend with myself. I tend to establish a daily routine for myself then subsequently get bored with it. I’m not talking about at work where the school bell pretty much dictates how I spend my time, I’m talking about after work where my time is pretty much free.

Year 1 Routine Year 2 Routine Year 2.5 Routine Current
Leave work ASAP

Stop at Speedway and get CokeCome home, drink coke

Watch “Gilmore Girls” while planning for work

Make dinner/do housework

Eat dinner/watch TV

Stay at work until finished planning

Come homeGo to Gym

Return from Gym

Make Dinner

Eat Dinner/ watch TV

Leave work ASAP

Go to “Caribou Coffee” to finish planing for work

Come home

Go to Gym

Return from Gym

Make Dinner

Eat dinner/ watch TV

Stay at work until finished planning

Come home, let dog out

Take dog on Walk

Snack/watch TV

Go to gym

Get dinner

Watch more TV/surf internet

I’m starting to get bored with my current routine. Yesterday, I drove 5 miles to a new taco shop rather than my usual weekly dose of Taco Bell. Today, I took the dog on a different route on busier streets which ofcourse caused him to freak out. After the walk I didn’t turn on the tv, and I plan to keep it off. I’ll still go to the gym, but maybe I’ll use a different machine other than the eliptical this time.

It seems as if two opposing forces within me cause this process of routine setting and changing. One force is the desire to have order and rules (the mathematical side) while the other force is the desire for adventure (the poetic side). Does this happen to everyone? Could I live life with no routine?


One thought on “Routines.

  1. You are a Gilmore Girls junkie too? So are we. Where do you think my babies’ middle name came from?

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