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Second Funny Face Found!


A second funny face was found in our house, this one was hidden underneath the fake brick which lined our kitchen wall. It is at least 5 times the size of the original and his a similar message to Laurie, “Good Morning, Laurie.”

When the kitchen is finished this wall will be painted an orange hue complimenting our antique white cabinets, navy blue sophet, and chrome backsplash.


2 thoughts on “Second Funny Face Found!

  1. Why are these faces so scary??
    Loved your chick-fil-a comments on the blog! Too funny, I’ll have to forward them to Glenn.
    I saw your lovely grandma, my favorite former roommate, the other day. She said she got a new dog!

  2. Not sure why the faces are so scary. Maybe Laurie knows. The last time we were at Chic-fil-a the manager’s little girls were just arriving to visit him. One of them opened the door for us and we said “thanks,” then in her sweet little voice said “my pleasure.” It was so cute.

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