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Podcast Locations.


Now that I’m a podcast junky, I’ve noticed that I tend to listen to certain podcasts in certain locations. It’s not 100% but they’ve all seemed to find their own geographical category.


This Week in Tech (TWiT): while doing the dishes or laundry.

Diggnation: while at the gym or in bed.

The Wiire: while walking the dog.

This Week with George Stephanopoulos: While in the shower.

GeekBrief: While in the bathroom.


2 thoughts on “Podcast Locations.

  1. I pretty much only listen to podcasts when I’m at work. Usually I’ll listen to This American Life, These Days (KPBS’s morning news/general interest show), and a podcast or two from UCSD’s lecture podcasting. This quarter I’ve been listening to Religion and Law in American History: Foundations to the Civil War.

  2. Oh yeah. I listen to “This American Life” too. Can’t think of a strong location for that one. I’ll check out UCSDs podcasts.

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