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Winter Conveniences

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Well honestly, it hasn’t been that bad. At times it can be quite cold outside, but you wear a coat you put on a scarf and hat and it isn’t that bad. A couple of things have helped make this winter easy, I pay homage to them here.

(1) A covered parking spot. I’ve done a little bit of snow and ice scraping, but really not that much, without that covered spot I think I’d be singing a different toon about this winter. (2) A driveway that gets plowed regurlarly. I don’t have to worry about keeping any driveways or sidewalks clear, I hear that this can be quite a bear. (3) Heat included in rent. We made sure to find a place that had this after hearing horror stories about outrageous winter heating bills. It’s been nice not to have to worry about it.

Perhaps I’ll have winters without these things, then maybe I’ll get more disgruntled about the winter like some Clevelanders I know. But for now, the winter really isn’t that bad.


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